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A Behind the Scenes Look at How Ziplines Work

girl zipliningWhen you come to Legacy Mountain Ziplines, you’ll zoom through the sky at 50 miles per hour! Did you ever wonder how these miraculous machines work? Each part of our Pigeon Forge ziplines plays a special role in your high flying adventure through the Smokies. Read on to learn how all of the different parts of our ziplines work together.

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One of the first thing you’ll notice when you come to Legacy Mountain are our zipline cables. Suspended 450 feet of the ground, these wires stretch from one end of the zipline course to the other. Our longest zipline cable is 2,500 feet long! To see photos of our zipline course, check out our Facebook page.


Attached to the zipline cable, you will find a pulley (also known as a trolley). This simple machine is a wheel on an axle that moves along the wire. The pulley’s grooved rim reduces friction on the cable, so zipliners can pick up speed as they fly through the air.


The harness is a collection of straps that are secured around your waist and crotch. These snug fitting devices are your “seat” during your zipline adventure. At Legacy Mountain, we use top rated Petzl brand harnesses, which are also used for ice climbing, cave exploring, and search and rescue missions. Petzl harnesses are 40% stronger than Kevlar, the material used to make bullet-proof vests!

Lanyard and Belay

How does the zipline harness connect to the cable? That’s where lanyards and belays come in! The lanyard is a strip of nylon that links the bottom of the pulley to the harness.  For additional security, another safety line known as the belay connects the harness to the top of the pulley. This “redundant system” makes it virtually impossible for a zipliner to be disconnected from the cable. You can visit our Safety page to learn more about our extremely high safety standards.

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