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Fall in the Smokies

The Smoky Mountains have long been a favorite destination spot for travelers. People flock to the area to enjoy the Smoky Mountains and see the vast variety of wildlife that call the Smoky Mountains home. One of the most beautiful times to visit is fall in the Smokies. Travelers come to watch as the leaves in the Smokies slowly change from green to vibrant hues of red, orange and brown. Car tours are the traditional way people have watched the leaves change, but more and more people recently have been choosing zip lining to see the colors.

Fall in the Smokies Zip lining is the best way to get up close and personal with the changing colors of the Smoky Mountains during the fall. Zip lining in the Smoky Mountains is fun not only for families, but also for individuals looking for adventure. Zip line tours are 100% safe and offer a more active way to enjoy the fall foliage. One great place to see the colors in the Smoky Mountains is to go zip lining in Pigeon Forge-, TN. The views in this particular area are breathtaking and give an overall grand picture of the beauty of fall in the Smokies.

The best time to take a zip line tour in 2012 to see the Autumn colors in The Smokies is September 14, 2012 to November 7, 2012. The timing will vary year to year based on weather conditions. The color generally first appears at the higher elevations of the Smokies and spreads slowly down to the lower ones. The colors of fall are especially vivid in the Smoky Mountains because the area is home to hundreds of species of trees, most of them being deciduous. This fact means that the Smoky Mountains are truly blanketed in color during the fall.

You won’t want to miss the beauty of the Smokies in the fall so make sure and go zip lining at Adventure Zip Lines of Pigeon Forge. What area of the Smokies do you like to go to see the beautiful fall colors? Tell us on the Adventure Zip Lines of Pigeon Forge Facebook page.

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