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Best Benefits of Zipline Tours

Girl_Ziplining_Around_Mountians-MediumNeed a dose of excitement? If you feel like you’re in a rut, there’s no better way to feel the rush of adrenaline than with a Pigeon Forge zipline tour at 50 miles per hour. Located on 400 acres in the Smoky Mountains, finding reasons to join in the fun are easy, but there are benefits as well.

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A Behind the Scenes Look at How Ziplines Work

girl zipliningWhen you come to Legacy Mountain Ziplines, you’ll zoom through the sky at 50 miles per hour! Did you ever wonder how these miraculous machines work? Each part of our Pigeon Forge ziplines plays a special role in your high flying adventure through the Smokies. Read on to learn how all of the different parts of our ziplines work together.

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3 Ways Ziplining Can Improve Your Health

happy man zipliningZiplining is more than just an awesome thrill ride, it’s good for you too! While you soar through the air on one of our ziplines in Pigeon Forge, you’ll also enjoy some great health benefits. Read on to find out what taking a zipline trip can do for you.

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Prepare For Zipline Season in Pigeon Forge With These Facts

Woman on a ziplineGetting excited for zipline season? Legacy Mountain Ziplines is still closed for the winter months, but spring is just around the corner! Beginning on March 1st our ziplines in Pigeon Forge will be up and running for everyone to enjoy.

Looking for something to tide you over until next month? Read this blog to become a zipline expert! You’ll be able to impress your friends and family in March when you arrive at Legacy Mountain with all the answers.

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3 Tips For Conquering Your Fear of Heights

Great Smoky Mountains Ziplining in the Great Smoky Mountains is an absolutely thrilling and unique adventure. However, many people never have this unforgettable life experience because they are afraid of heights. We hear from people all the time who tell us that they would love to go ziplining, but they’re just not sure if they can conquer their fear. At Legacy Mountain, we don’t believe in pushing people to ride a zipline who don’t want to. However, if a nervous guest is determined to go ziplining, we will do everything we can to reduce anxiety and make his or her trip as fun as possible. Read on to learn some great advice for overcoming your fear of heights at our ziplines in Pigeon Forge.   

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