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Top 3 Safety Tips For the Ultimate Pigeon Forge Zip Lining Experience

Safety is the number one priority at Legacy Mountain Zip Lines in Pigeon ForgeThere is no better way to see the scenic Smoky Mountains than high above the forest’s canopy at Legacy Mountain Zip Lines in Pigeon Forge. With a total of seven lines, all averaging 2,500 feet in length, there is no doubt that visitors will end their zip lining adventure with a smile on their face!

How can you ensure that your zip lining tour is nothing less than spectacular you ask? The answer is simple. All guests need to do to have the best zipline adventure possible is to follow these three safety tips:

1. Listen to your guide.

At Legacy Mountain, each of our tour guides have been specially trained and are ACCT certified. Each tour group will have two guides. Aside from their stellar personalities, the guides will also teach visitors everything they need to know about zip lining before the tour begins in a brief overview lesson, as well as making sure that every guest has an enjoyable experience while out on the lines.

2. Dress for success.

As mentioned in a previous blog, it is very important that guests to Legacy Mountain dress appropriately for your Pigeon Forge zip line tour. This means that closed toe shoes and non-baggy clothes are a must when you are packing for your Smoky Mountain vacation. Proper shoes are important to ensure that a) your shoes won’t come off your feet while zipping through the air, and b) that your shoes are sturdy enough to support any walking or light hiking that may be required. By non-baggy clothes we don’t mean tight, but we do mean fitted enough that when you are being fitted for your harness that the guides are able to access the proper setting.

3. Have fun.

The most important part of any zip line tour at Legacy Mountain is that our guests have a fun and exciting experience. We want to make sure that you and your family want to come back and share more experiences with us for years to come!

Now that you know all the safety tools needed to have a fun and safe zip line adventure, why not book your next tour with Legacy Mountain Zip Lines in Pigeon Forge today? Open now through the end of November, Legacy Mountain is the perfect place for you and your family to enjoy a unique Thanksgiving Day experience. To reserve your tour now, give us a call at (888) 869-0289.

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