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We Learned to Fly Hundreds Of Years Ago

Man riding zip lines in Pigeon ForgeZip lines may be the closest experience to flying people ever experience. Whooshing across the sky while taking in a stunning mountain view is an exhilarating and unforgettable experience. Ziplines in Pigeon Forge have grown in popularity recently, but did you know that humans have been using zip lines for hundreds of years?    

No one knows exactly when the zip line was invented, but we do know that people living in the mountains have traditionally used zip lines to travel across dangerous areas and to send supplies back and forth. These early zip lines were an important part of societies living in the Himalayas and the Alps.

In addition to their traditional uses, zip lines have been a key part of mountain climbing. The zip line improves on the old mountaineering technique known as the Tyrolean traverse. This practice involved shimmying across a rope hung from two steep points. The zip line improves on the Tyrolean traverse, because zipline users are propelled by gravity and don’t have to exert any effort to move.

The ziplines was popularized by wildlife biologists, who needed a way to get into forest canopies without disrupting the environment. The widespread adoption of zip lines by biologists, spawned a new industry known as ecotourism. Zipline tours became a hugely popular attraction for tourists in the rainforest of Costa Rica.

Legacy Mountain Ziplines continues this tradition of ecotourism in the Great Smoky Mountains. With seven zip lines in Pigeon Forge, Legacy Mountain has 4.5 miles of zip lines 450 feet off the group. Offering incredible views of the Smoky Mountains, our 2,500 foot zip line is the longest in the United States. Visit our Online Reservations page to book your next zip line adventure!


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