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How Do Ziplines Work?

Ziplining in Pigeon ForgeZiplining in Pigeon Forge is an exhilarating and unforgettable experience. With the wind in your hair and stunning views of the Smoky Mountains beneath you, a trip down Legacy Mountain’s zipline course is a must-see attraction. Did you ever wonder how ziplines work? Read on to find out exactly how these marvelous contraptions function.

What Exactly Is A Zipline?

A zipline is a cable that stretches from a higher point to a lower point. Using a pulley system, people or objects can travel down this sloping wire at speeds of up to 100 miles per hour. Ziplines are also known as zip wires, flying foxes and canopy tours.

How Do People Go So Fast On Ziplines?

They key to picking up speed on a zipline is reducing friction on the cable. All ziplines are propelled by gravity because they are built on a slope, but if there is too much friction on the wire, the trip downwards wouldn’t be much fun.

This is where the pulley comes in. A pulley is a wheel with a grooved rim that turns as it travels along the zipline. The pulley reduces friction on the wire, which allows zipliners to slide down the cable at roller coaster like speeds.

How Do You Stop?

Fortunately, ziplines don’t end with participants crashing into a mountain wall! In reality, ziplines are designed with braking mechanisms. In some ziplines, instructors or participants are in charge of manually implementing a brake. Other ziplines are designed with a gentle upward slope towards the end of the ride, which causes participants to slow down and stop.

Ziplining in Pigeon Forge is a fantastic way to experience these simple but ingenious machines for yourself. Legacy Mountain Zip Lines offers 7 different ziplines, including the longest zipline in the United States. Visit our Reservations page to book your next zipline adventure!


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